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We know how P2P works, programs such as uTorrent, Ares, eMule or the beloved napster have given us an idea of what P2Pis. However, although these programs have been the reference for filesharing, they are not the only ones and P2P is not the only way to share files over Internet.

Littleshoot is a new program that will arrive in your computer, more specifically in your browser, to change the way you share files.

Littleshoot is programmed by the creators of Limewire, so we expect good results of it.

Publish, search and download files using LittleShoot: audio, video, pictures, software... share Flickr photos, or youtube videos. Sharing a file is as easy as marking it and enter the path for it.

Once you have found the file you want to download, just add it to the download queue and wait.
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